Brilliant Liars

by Don Kongo

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"A lie, sometimes, can be truer than truth, which is why fiction gets written." --Tim O'Brian


released February 14, 2014

Thanks to Mia Bathke, Joe Johnson, and Nebal Maysaud for being in the art, and Nathan Gornick for taking the shot! Also, thank you Al Mitchell (Medical Records) for letting me record with you! You know you're basically blood related by this point.



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Don Kongo Willowbrook, Illinois

From: The suburbs.
Enjoys: Chinese and Spanish language studies, Kurt Vonnegut, Borges, making music, Spongebob, collecting fortune cookie fortunes, and Netflix.

Dislikes: Vegetables, mean people, the smell of cigars, Camus's The Stranger, and road rage.
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Track Name: Arcadia Nouveaux
Pull up to an electronic wrought-iron gate;
You've got gold leaf upon your door,
My car's from 1994,
Look at the palace that you own,
Sure, it's a house--but it's not home.
Smiling at you, though I want to smash your face;
You're so pretentious that it hurts,
You like to poke me where it hurts,
I'm sure your husband gets around,
But don't let the bastard get you down.

Cleaning your pool, feeding your koi,
I don't even know why I'm here.
Oh wait, I do; I'm here because I need money.

In this foreign mansion, I feel so alone, locked away from everybody else.
Something must be wrong in living here--in Arcadia Nouveaux!

Fine then, lady, I don't really even care.
Oh, you'll regret it all someday,
Living six tax brackets away,
That's really all I have to say...

Now I'm leaving, finally I'm going home.

Leaving Arcadia Nouveaux.
Track Name: The Autumn of 2012
You're like a child throwing rocks at the sails,
You're like a Caesar as he's entering Gaul,
Like an Alzheimer's patient hitting his nurse,
Just like an animal that hasn't been trained.

You are an angel God was casting away,
I know you warned me not to count on your love,
But when you touched me and my heart went aflame,
I was reliant on your dutiful gaze,
And then you made me lose the thing that I sought in you.

I laid the minefield and I went for a stroll,
I underestimated how sick you were,
In my naivete I set myself up,
I was a fool, and you were corrupt.

Oh, Andy, baby, please try and understant:
I can't forgive you, it's the way that I am.